3-22 Update: Week Ahead

Dear Hollywood Hill families,


I want to share a bit more information with you going into the week ahead and when you can expect to hear from us this week. Let me begin by telling you how much the staff misses the kids. We had an online Zoom staff meetings throughout the week to discuss our next steps in moving learning to an online format. Throughout this conversation, teachers commented on how much they were looking forward to returning to full contact with all of their students.  At this time, we developing an instructional plan that will allow us to develop our capacity to serve all students. A summary of our plan is below, but before we get to that, I want you to be aware of some important resources available. 


  • The Northshore Schools Foundation is offering support for families that are in desperate financial need based upon the uncertainty of their current jobs and alack of resources to financially provide meals for their families.  If you feel you can benefit from this resource, please email me when a good time to connect would be and I will have somone follow up with details so we can get you entered. 


  • The safety of our students and staff is our priority. NSD will provide updates and resources in an effort to help families reduce the risk in their homes and community. Please access this link for important health-related information: https://www.nsd.org/covid19


  • The two links below provide possible resources for families.  Please access the links below for childcare and computer needs.


Our district has created space in five locations for our community partners to provide childcare. Thanks to the YMCA and Champions, there should be a space for every student whose family is in need. In addition, the Northshore Schools Foundation has generously provided scholarships for families who would otherwise be unable to afford the childcare. The community partners will practice social distancing at each location as instructed by Gov. Inslee.


NSD Childcare Request Form: https://form.jotform.com/200756640731149


Request a laptop and/or hotspot device HERE: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/NSDTechnologyDeviceDistribution@nsd.org/bookings

  • Food & Nutrition Services: Our Food and Nutrition Services is working closely with our Transportation and Communication departments to make lunch available to all students. Currently, we are taking pre-orders for lunch pick-up at 17 sites, while five sites are open from 11 am-12 pm for grab & go meals for the whole family. Students and families pay according to their current meal pricing eligibility (free, reduced, paid, adult, etc.). Please order before 9 am each day.  https://www.nsd.org/northshorelearns/meals


Instructional Expectations and Plans for the coming week, 3/23-27


For next week, the Northshore Learns link (www.nsd.org/northshorelearns) provides classroom to cloud information and instructions for students, parents/guardians, and educators. Additional resources and schedules are being added as they are available. We are also anticipating more information this week from the Governor and Congress that may impact the work that we can do. Once we have that information we will share how that impacts our next steps.


Providing instruction online was new for staff as was the acquisition of learning for our students. Additionally, online learning may have been new for many parents which resulted in your learning this new medium alongside your child. We value your willingness to give it a try, however, we also recognize the challenges associated. We continue to iterate on ways that we can make it easier for you at home while operating within the rules and regulations that currently apply to our system. 


Our grade-level teams will be checking in with students and families and arranging brief classroom/grade level/team meetings this week to check in with all students. These conversations will not include any instructional episodes. These will happen beginning Wednesday at the earliest. We will be sending out schedules to you via email on Tuesday. I’m also grateful to the PTA Room parents who have started to initiate meetings as well. 


In addition, some teachers and staff members will be calling some families to determine what barriers and needs those families are encountering in shifting to this new mode of online instruction. Until we actually implemented online instruction we couldn’t fully understand all the barriers and/or successes we would encounter.  Identifying the barriers and then working on solutions is critical as we move forward with possible next steps. These contacts will be via email and phone on Monday and Tuesday.



As we worked this week on our next steps we determined along with our mission (At Hollywood Hill Elementary, our foundation of relationships grounds our learning to positively impact each student, every day) that these are our current belief statements that help us drive our next steps:

  • We believe that all kids in grades PK-5 are vulnerable because they are dependent on others for food, information, and connection.

  • We believe that our role during this time is to ensure connections with and between staff, students and families. 

  • We believe that routine is something that calms adults and kids alike and if we can provide tools to allow parents to have routines at home then our students will thrive.

  • We believe we have to build in redundancies and supports for if/when adults get ill that we can provide consistency.

  • We believe whenever we are back in school we will be able to assess, differentiate and support learners who had different levels of support and/or access during this time.


Know that we miss you and are always thinking about our students and families.  I also asked staff members to carefully monitor their own needs at home. Staff have been asked to use this transition time to ensure they are healthy, to learn new skills to serve our students and to continue working as a team to understand the needs and opportunities for our families.  Some staff members will be answering emails this week and some will still forward theirs to me if you need anything I am still your first best contact as we will be rotating responsibilities throughout the staff. I will share more after our staff meeting on Tuesday morning. Thank you for your support and understanding as we walk together through these challenging times.



Take good care,

Denise Waters, principal