6/15 Update

Dear families,


We hope that this last week of school will bring some closure and fun to your school year while you can also come by and pick up any materials left behind!  We hope that students will complete this climate survey so we can wrap up our work on the year as well. We do a survey like this multiple times a year and it provides us data to set goals for the next year. With the younger students, we often will read them the questions and click the answers for them--there are no right or wrong answers and the information helps us continue to grow.


K-2 Climate Survey: https://forms.gle/gvCWsLuCXV1ToHxcA 

3-5 Climate Survey: https://forms.gle/StykyQrg4L8fazdg8 


We were hoping to release class lists to you before school got out but with the uncertainty of the fall, we want to wait just a bit longer. As soon as our district releases the plan for the fall, we will release class lists! Additionally, we usually include supply lists at the end of the year but we are going to wait on those as well as we anticipate that most supplies will need to be in a student’s backpack each day for them to bring back and forth with a lot less sharing! I can tell you that we have some staffing decisions complete and here is our line up for teachers for the fall:


K: Mrs. Brittingham and Mrs. Helbock

1st: Ms. Lamba and a teacher to be named soon

2nd: Ms. Kumar and Ms. McMains, EAP: Mr. Fowler

3rd: Mrs. Talbott and Mrs. Massey, 3/4 EAP: Mrs. Schock

4th: Mrs. Harrison and Ms. Raleigh

5th: Mrs. Sabol and Mrs. Powell, EAP: Mrs. Zimmerman

PE: Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Westford

Music: Ms. Lin and Mrs. Hoffman

Library: Mrs. Roberts

LC: Mrs. Adsit

Sensory: Mrs. Meseroll and Mrs. Ramcke

EL: Mrs. Henning

School Pysch: Mr. Davis

OT/PT: Mrs. Anderson

Counselor: Mrs. Brisbine


We are so excited to wish Mrs. Cort a fond farewell as she leaves to take a full-time English Language teaching role at Fernwood Elementary--the students and families there will be getting a teaching gem that is truly pursuing her passion.


We will miss our ECEAP, Phonology, and Midlevel Blended programs and the full staff that goes with those programs. Please join me in saying goodbye to those teams. Mrs. Arch, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Noy, Mrs. Hopkins, Mrs. Koropp, Mrs. McDowell, Mrs. Albright, Mrs. McAuliffe, Mrs. Williamson, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Simon, Mrs. Rodriguez, Ms. Sloan, Ms. Adagio, Ms. Walker, Ms. Garber, Ms. Bergevin, Ms. Garcia, Ms. Anslow, Mrs. Andera.


Mrs. Sherwood our SLP will also be leaving us and heading to a full-time job at Kokanee Elementary. We will miss her leadership and organization!


Mrs. Wishart will be taking a maternity leave next year as she welcomes twins this summer. 


Mrs. Massey is joining us from Frank Love where she has experience in all the early grades most recently teaching 3rd as well! We are so excited that she decided to join us at Hollywood Hill. And Ms. Raleigh is returning after a year in Oregon and at Moorlands elementary back here at Starland where she was deeply missed.


Additionally, our counselor Mrs. Springsteen will be taking the full-time role at Canyon Creek and our half time spot will be filled by Mrs. Brisbine who has both experiences as a counselor and a principal, most recently in Monroe.


Report cards will be completed by teachers next week and come home in the mail to you. The letter from the district office will be included which explains the scoring of prepared or prepared with support. We know this has been a difficult time and we look forward to getting back in the building with students to assess and then teach to where they are!


As always, if you need anything at all, please feel free to reach out to me at dwaters@nsd.org. I will be taking some time off in July but that will be called out in my email response, but until then, I am here to help!


Thank you for your support and grace during this time!


And finally, I want to wish all students who are moving on to middle school or to another school in or out of our district a joyful farewell. We have loved having you as part of our star family and hope you will come back and visit!


All the best, 

Denise Waters, principal