A Note From Our Principal

Dear families,

I feel like it has been a year of sending emails for strange things—so many about snow and now measles. What? Measles. Yep, measles has come to our area. As a family that has a member with a baby in it that cannot be immunized and a friend going through treatments that have rebuilt her immune system so she cannot get the vaccine for another 12 months, and knowing that many of you have those same types of situations, I wanted to give you an update.

Our nurse, Darleene, has done an amazing job of verifying that all staff are up to date on their measles immunity. I am personally reaching out to any subs that come into the building to inquire about theirs as well as to find out what other buildings they have been in. Our student population is vaccinated 99%. If you are volunteering, we have asked that you also show proof of your immunity for the past four months—if you cannot we really do ask that you stay away from the building for the next few weeks. We know that the vaccine works 98% of the time and we don’t want anyone to get ill. If you have any questions about this, please let me know.

Additionally, we are running a fundraiser right now and there have been some questions about why and how we are doing it so I want to address those as well. We work with PTA for many things and they have their own mission and vision (enrichment, classroom support and field trips are their top 3 expenses) for how they use the money that they raise. They have supported us very well. However, we want to continue to be on the edge of innovation in the district and continue to grow our practices around positive behavior interventions and supports. We are leading the district in the work we are doing, and that takes money. We don’t want to do things like selling wrapping paper or cookie dough, we don’t want to take time away from the school day to focus on a fun run, we want to raise money and do it the least impactful way on our students and families. We also know that crowd sourcing is the wave of fundraising right now so that is what we decided to do. SnapRaise is a local company that is helping us with that. The idea is that you send 20 emails and those that are moved to give, will. Those that aren’t, don’t. It really is that easy. Currently we have 23 people that have signed up and 7 that have sent emails and we have raised $2,445. If you are willing, we just ask that you sign up and send the emails—we believe there are people out there that are willing to give even $5 and that will make a difference for us. If you don’t want to sign up, if you would consider giving money that would make a difference as well. You can do both things by going to this link. This is our passcode: 933-086-327. If everyone sent 20 emails and we got $5 for each of those emails—we would earn about $100 per student—it would help so much!

And finally, we have tried to add a few events and stretch things out to fill June. We hope you can join us for some of the events we have coming up (please be sure you have your measles vaccine proof):

  • Volunteer Tea is tomorrow in the library ·
  • Girls on the Run 5K this Sunday in Renton https://www.gotrpugetsound.org/5K
  • Track & Field Junior Olympics on Tuesday, May 21 at Woodinville High School
  • Art Walk on Friday, May 31 in the gym featuring 3rd graders singing (6:30) and the Marimba Band (7pm)
  • Kindergarten and 1st Grade PE Night on Tuesday, June 4 in the Gym 6-7pm
  • PTA General Membership meeting on Tuesday, June 11 in the library 7pm
  • Whole School BBQ on Wednesday, June 12 on the field from 11:30-12:45 (this is a move from 6/4—we were unable to get it pulled together for an evening event so we will do it during lunch—invitation coming soon)
  • Book Swap in the library Monday, June 17-19
  • Field Day on Wednesday, June 19
  • 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony in the gym on Friday, June 21 in the morning
  • Last Day Assembly on Monday, June 24 in the gym in the afternoon

As always, we appreciate your support and involvement. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Denise Waters, principal