Parking & Transportation


Bicycle riding/skateboarding. Due to narrow and hilly road conditions and poor visibility, riding bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc. to and from school is not considered a safe mode of transportation. Students should walk or take the school bus provided by the district. Skateboarding, skates, scooters, and roller blades are prohibited on school grounds because of the damage they cause to our curbs and sidewalks.

Bus standards 
The majority of our students ride the school bus. From a safety standpoint, proper behavior must be adhered to at the bus stop and during the bus ride. Students are expected to obey the bus driver’s directions and follow all bus rules (distributed the first week of school). Failure to do so will result in the driver issuing a “bus ticket” and may lead to loss of bus riding privileges. Parents will be notified by the transportation department of the infractions and consequences. Your help in keeping us informed of behavior contributing to unsafe conditions is appreciated. Please note that using electronic devices such as phones, iPods, game devices, etc. are not allowed on the bus or at school. Cell phones must be kept inside backpacks and only used when the student is off campus and off the bus.

Changing after school plans
If your child needs to take a bus other than his or her regularly assigned one, please send a note to your child’s teacher stating the name and address of the alternate destination and the bus number serving that route. The teacher will send the student to the office where the office staff will then write a bus pass that your child will give to the bus driver. Please note: All bus passes must be obtained prior to 2:00 p.m. There are often a limited number of passes allowed and some buses that do not allow passes at all. Advanced notice is helpful. Scout meetings, birthday parties, or other regular transportation changes need to be arranged through the school district transportation department (425-408-7900). For safety reasons, students without notes must take their regular bus home from school. An established after school routine is an important part of a child’s stability. If you do need to change your student’s normal routine, please do so by writing a note to inform the teacher of the change. Students may not stay on campus after dismissal time. They are welcome to return after arriving home, but supervision after school is a parental responsibility. Students returning with bikes should not ride on the sidewalks or in the parking lots.

Traffic flow procedures
Procedures for driving students to and from Hollywood Hill Elementary are as follows: Enter the front entrance parking lot slowly. Enter the loading zone (between the cross walk and end of the yellow zone) to drop off/pick up children. Then carefully circle around to the left to exit.

Please DO:

  • Follow the directions of the staff in the loading/unloading zone.
  • Have students enter/exit cars from the right (curb) side only.
  • Drop students off and pick them up in the marked loading zone only.
  • Use the crosswalk. Always accompany children crossing to parked cars.
  • Have students wait on the sidewalk until the car has stopped for pick up.
  • Use extreme caution on campus; speed limit is 5 mph. Be aware of pedestrians.
  • Yield to busses and give them the space needed to get onto campus.

Please DO NOT:

  • Drop off or pick up students outside of the loading zone.
  • Drop off or pick up in the back parking lot or other non-supervised areas such as the flagpole area or behind the library.
  • Leave car unattended in the loading zone.
  • Park in the fire lane or block the neighborhood houses’ driveways.
  • Drive the wrong way into the oncoming traffic lanes on school property.

Before school supervision.
The playground is supervised from 9:00 a.m. until the bell rings at 9:21 a.m. Students should go to their classroom lines to drop off backpacks and then go straight to the playground or, if having breakfast, the gym. A bell is rung at 9:21 to indicate students should line up on the playground and walk to the classroom line-up spots near the classrooms. Students should report to the office for a tardy slip if they are arriving after the 9:25 bell.

After school guidelines. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Buses: Students walk with their teachers to the bus loading area, immediately join their bus line ready to board the bus. Quiet voices and appropriate behavior are expected while waiting in the bus line. “Cuts” in line are not allowed, but students may move to the end of the line (once) to join a friend.
  • Students picked up by parents: Parents should arrive promptly at 3:55 p.m. M, T, TH, F and 2:25 on early release Wednesday to pick up students. Please note the district calendar for information on the few non-early release Wednesdays.
  • Walkers: Students walking home are to leave the school grounds immediately and go directly to his or her home.
  • Dogs are not allowed on campus before, during, or after school.

District Transportation

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